Following on the heels of the Nottingham, England LGG Conference in July 2009, a strong recommendation was made to try to merge the various low grade glioma databases in order to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Perform a meta-analysis of large contemporary low grade glioma database obtained from prospective trials performed over the past decade.
  2. Use this information to determine which factors are prognostic for outcome for children with LGG
  3. Use the information to create a common set of eligibility criteria across LGG studies in the future
  4. Determine what biologic data are available from these prospective studies
  5. Determine what specimens are available from these databases and associated specimen collections which might be usable for further biologic analysis
  6. Determine which treatment approaches have been utilized to determine there is information that can be gleaned to inform future trials.

With these objectives in mind, and under the leadership of Dr. Roger Packer, researchers from 10 international institutions including the Augsburg Clinic – HIT in Germany, Children’s Brain Tumor Research Center at University of London, Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, NYU-COG, Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, University of Padova, MD Anderson, Institut Gustave Roussy in France, Children’s National Medical Center in DC and Children’s Hospital (and Dana Farber Cancer Institute) in Boston, met on February 28th in Arlington, VA. The outcome of this meeting helped determine the direction for future project funding to accomplish the objectives.