It began with Kylie complaining of a headache. The pain would last briefly and then she acted fine. Looking back I feel guilty for thinking she was just being dramatic, but who actually assumes the worst about their child?

About a few weeks later she woke up in the middle of the night screaming and banging the back of her head. It lasted about 20 minutes and I made an appointment to see her doctor. I am so thankful her doctor was so proactive and requested a CT scan even though Kylie appeared healthy. The day after her test, we were called into her office. I still was convinced Kylie was fine and the doctor would tell us it was merely a sinus infection. Was I in for the shock of my life. I completely broke down and spent the whole day crying in bed with Ryan, my fiance. 5 days later we were at CHLA kissing Kylie goodbye as her neuro team wheeled her off into surgery. I still can’t put the experience into the exact words and emotions. All I can say is: sadness, fear, helpless, hopeful, grateful, and lucky. So very lucky. God does listen. He does provide strength.