Archived Articles and Videos, 2006 and Earlier

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Pediatric Low Grade Astrocytoma (PLGA) Press
Boston University students establish the first chapter of FightJPA, a nationwide group that raises money for research on juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma (JPA), a type of brain tumor in children. Jenna Nierstedt Daily Free Press 10/02/06
Riding To Fight Brain Tumors (pdf)
The parents of a 4-year-old boy who has a rare brain tumor have organized a cycling benefit Sunday to raise money to combat the disease.
Richard C. Lewis Boston Globe 05/18/06
Putting Mettle to Pedals to Save a Boy’s Life (pdf).
An article telling the story of TJ and the Brain Tumor Society’s Ride for Research.
Carolyn Thorton Providence Journal 05/11/06
Children’s Brain Tumor Press
They’re Making the Best of It (pdf)
Mother organized “Pediatric Brain Tumor Awareness Day” to raise money and awareness for pediatric brain tumor research.
M. English The Colonial News 10/13/06
A Cry in the Dark (pdf)
When a rare cancer strikes, a patient has few places to turn.
Amy Dockser Marcus The Wall Street Journal 03/20/06
Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivors and Late Effects (pdf)
What happens after treatment? The aftermath of current treatments for pediatric brain tumors.
Maggie Fox Reuters 08/22/05
Emily’s Story Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (pdfs)
A series of articles “chronicling how a young woman disabled by brain tumors came to terms with her first year at Harvard, and how Harvard came to terms with her.”
Thomas Farragher Boston Globe 06/19/05
Children with Brain Tumors Don’t March (pdf)
An article about the pain everyone feels following the diagnosis of a brain tumor, even doctors.
Michael Arnold Glueck & Robert J. Cihak 05/06/05
Parents Face Painful Choice In Treating Childhood Cancer (pdf)
New Brain-Tumor Protocol Highlights Growing Tradeoff Between Survival, Side Effects
Amy Dockser Marcus The Wall Street Journal 03/01/05
Other Brain Tumor Related Press
Expansive Effort Is Begun to Study Rare Diseases (pdf)
The National Institutes of Health has started the first of what will eventually be about 50 clinical studies looking into a variety of rare diseases and disorders.
Jennifer Corbett Dooren Wall Street Journal 05/16/06
Next Chapter: After Leukemia, Family Struggles To Define “Normal” (pdf)
Jack Streeter, 8, Joins Ranks Of Cancer Survivors Coping After Treatment — The Challenge of Kickball
Amy Dockser Marcus Wall Street Journal 06/09/04
Bloodless Revolution (pdf)
Imagine an operating room requiring no sterilization because there are no wounds, where doctors don’t wear scrubs because there is no blood, where anesthesia is unnecessary because there is no pain…
Harbour Fraser Hodder Harvard Magazine 11/00