Camp Sunshine 2014 for LGG Families

Forty-five Low Grade Glioma families were treated to a picture perfect week at Camp Sunshine! From July 15th – 20th, families from across the country convened in Casco, Maine to enjoy the summer camp activities as well as supportive discussion groups. One parent shared that “the LGG week at Camp Sunshine feels like a warm community of friends that have known each other for a long time, despite the fact that some are just meeting.” Another said, “Whether this is a family’s first time at LGG Week or has been multiple times, there is always something new to be learned and definitely new friends to be made.” Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles all attended in support of their loved one battling an LGG.

In addition, parents were treated to a special visit from Dr. Adam Resnick, Director of the Resnick/Storm Neuro-Biology Lab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (and his adorable 10 year old daughter), who spent two days at Camp Sunshine talking to parents about some of the latest research advancements in children’s brain tumors and delivered a presentation titled “PLGA – Progress Through Collaboration”. Parents commented on how Dr. Resnick was so inviting and easily approachable and when he explained some of the more technical scientific information, he was able to break it down into language that was easily understandable by the lay-person.

Dr. Resnick’s specific area of interest is in translational research, bringing concepts in laboratory research directly into medical practice (may or may not involve human subjects). In particular, his lab is dedicated to cell signaling cascades and their alterations in pediatric brain tumors with the goal of elucidating the molecular and genetic underpinnings of pediatric brain tumors in an effort to identify and develop targeted therapies. Dr. Resnick’s lab has received funding from AKBTC in the past, but as significant, has helped introduce AKBTC to other research institutions to expedite funding for clinical trials and other basic research projects. Dr. Resnick’s spirit of collaboration is truly incredible and will help catapult the pace of targeted research projects in the low grade glioma and entire children’s brain tumor arena.

Camp Sunshine is a free resource to families with children battling chronic diseases. The LGG week is made possible by a grant from A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation, Lauren’s First and Goal, The Lily Fund and a number of other generous benefactors. For more information on Camp Sunshine please see their website at


2013 LGG Week at Camp Sunshine:  A HUGE Success

The 3rd Annual Low Grade Glioma week at Camp Sunshine was the most successful to date as 45 families from around the country convened for a week of camp with old and new friends…all on a similar journey through the pediatric brain cancer world.  Camp is FREE for the whole family – including food, lodging and all activities.


PLGA Families Returned to Camp Sunshine in 2012

The camp was a fantastic experience for families to be surrounded by new friends and families that understand your journey.  Patients, siblings and parents had a great time taking advantage of all of the outdoor activities that camp had to offer including, swimming, boating, fishing, sports, etc.  In addition, the camp had a wonderful indoor offering of activities ranging from art, theater, game room, etc.   All of the activities were staffed by an enthusiastic group of volunteers who were committed to making the LGG week at camp a memorable experience.

In addition, Dr. Chuck Stiles, a leading scientific expert in neuro-biology at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Co-Director of the PLGA Research Program at the Dana Farber, joined the group to talk the most promising science which is being conducted to find more effective treatments and a cure for children battling low grade brain tumors.  There were also other sessions offered for parents, siblings and patients where discussion topics were pertinent to the low grade community and encouraged sharing of experiences and support for each other.

Camp Sunshine for Low Grade Glioma Families in 2011

The PLGA Foundation sponsored fifteen families with children who have been diagnosed with low grade brain tumors to attend a week at Camp Sunshine for the first annual Low Grade Glioma Brain Tumor week (July 17th – 22nd).  This pilot program was the first of its kind in the nation to focus solely on low grade brain tumors in children.  Thirty-four families from fourteen states were able to attend this session.

While the PLGA Foundation is committed to uniting the medical community to jump-start childhood slow growing brain tumor research, we are equally committed to uniting families with loved ones suffering from brain tumors.  At Camp Sunshine, the synergy between science, support and advocacy created a stimulating environment for the families.  Our hope is that this network will help PLGA families find comfort and support not just during the one week of camp, but throughout the year as well.  In addition, we hope that these families will help us raise awareness of and funds for NEW clinical trials and scientific research so we can find new treatments and a cure for children battling low grade glioma brain tumors.