Two phase 1 clinical trials have opened for enrollment in the last year and they both involve vaccines as the combatant agent. This is a significant development for children battling brain tumors as researchers search for new treatment options.

While clinical trials for pediatric brain tumors have been virtually non-existent until most recently, the newest additions focus on the impact of targeted vaccines to help combat this pernicious disease. Science and technology are moving so quickly that for the first time ever, the medical community is turning their attention to possibility of a vaccine as potential therapy for children battling the most common forms of brain tumors.

Clinicians and Researchers agree that newer forms of effective treatment that will have lesser side effects are much needed in childhood brain tumors especially low-grade gliomas. This clinical trial will study the efficacy and toxicity of poly-ICLC, a biological response modifier in children with low-grade gliomas. Trial sites include Rady’s Children’s Hospital – San Diego and AFLAC Cancer Center and Blood Disorders Service of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. For more information please see:¬†