Are you looking to find a home for your unused vehicle and do something good at the same time? A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation is working in partnership with the Vehicle Donation to Any Charity program, V-DAC. Instead of selling, trading in or storing your unused vehicle you can donate it to A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure with the assistance of V-DAC. V-DAC converts unwanted vehicles of almost any kind into cash. As a vehicle donor, you should receive a 100% tax deduction when your vehicle is sold and the A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure will receive a charitable contribution equal to the net proceeds from the sale! It’s easy, quick, risk free and won’t cost you a penny! Just click on the Donate Now link and follow the easy instructions in the Donation Wizard (insert link) or call toll free at 877-999-8322. V-DAC will take care of it all!