Students from across the country are uniting to raise money and increase awareness about the most common forms of childhood brain tumor.

Starting at Boston University (BU) in 2006, college students have already helped raise over $50,000 through events held at individual universities.

What’s next? High School students AND additional college campuses have the opportunity to take the skills they have learned in the classroom and apply them in their communities. Imagine testing out new marketing ideas, philanthropic strategies, financial planning skills in a safe, friendly, ‘real’ world environment….where your efforts would not only benefit the student, but kids suffering from life threatening brain tumors as well!

Students are in a unique position, surrounded by many like-minded and kindhearted individuals comfortable, to be able to leverage their knowledge of internet tools like Facebook and to increase fundraising with the multiplier effect. Whether you are a member of a social, athletic, religious, political, academic or other group on campus, YOU can make a difference by supporting PLGA fundraising and awareness.

Our Goal: To become the FIRST student led cooperative to raise $1 million dollars for a children’s philanthropy.

Just think, if 100 high schools and/or college campuses joined our efforts, each raising $10,000, we could easily reach our goal of students raising $1 million dollars.

Consider starting your college club: Students Against Childhood Brain Cancer or “Students Against CBC”. Please contact us for additional information or assistance at [email protected].

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