Marcia S., author The Spriitelees

I have three children and one of my dearest friends has three children. When my friend’s son was diagnosed with JPA two years ago, I was in the midst of writing The Spriitelees, a children’s holiday book. It occurred to me that I couldn’t bring a book about kindheartedness that requests children to be kind without demonstrating my own commitment to this way of being. So I opted to donate all of the profit on the sale of any Spriitelee book to this important cause, A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure. As I have learned about JPA from my friend, I am stunned and humbled by all that these mothers and fathers go through. In my own small way I wanted to offer something to these incredible families that focuses on hope and a better tomorrow. I really believe my contribution makes a difference. At a minimum, it shows my friend how much I care about her hurts.