A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation partnered with the Why Not Me Foundation, to fund what is believed to be the first coordinated effort to create an international comprehensive meta analysis database for PLGA patients. This project will involve merging low grade glioma databases from 7 institutions/collaboratives including:

  1. The Children’s Oncology Group (representing databases from two prospective COG studies)
  2. The Germany HIT database
  3. The BBSFOP study database from France
  4. The Italian database
  5. The UKCCSG-ICLGGI database from England
  6. The Dana Farber Cancer Institute geographic database
  7. The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) geographic database

The rationale for conducting this project is as follows:

  1. To determine what specimens are available from these databases and the type of tissue available for molecular analysis
  2. To determine biologic data is already available from these studies
  3. To use this information to determine which factors are prognostic for outcome of children with LGG
  4. To use this information to create a common set of eligibility criteria across low grade glioma studies for future prospective studies
  5. To assess which treatment approaches have been utilized and to determine if through meta-analysis, there is enough information that can be gleaned to help form future studies.

This project is being chaired by Dr. Roger Packer (National Children’s Medical Center), Dr. Mark Kieran (Dana Farber Cancer Institute) and Dr. David Walker (University of Nottingham, Queens Medical Center).


This grant was made possible by the generous donors from the Why Not Me Foundation.