Institution: Massachusetts General Hospital
Study Name: Genomic Investigation of Medulloblastoma
Principal Investigator: Dr. Miguel Rivera
Study date: July 2012

Drawing from experience in identifying therapeutic targets in adult oncology and applying genomic technologies to the analysis of pediatric tumors, MGH will start with a pilot program in medulloblastoma.  This program will make use of the robust DNA profiling technologies available for adult cancer and develop specific new tools for pediatric tumors.  In addition they will identify an expanded set of target genes by characterizing alterations in expression patterns through RNA sequencing.

The project has a three pronged approach as follows:
1)  Analyze 20 medulloblastoma tumors using high throughput DNA sequencing
2)  Create a database of genotype data for medulloblastoma patients
3)  Test the application of new genomic technologies to medulloblastoma