World-renowned scientists and clinicians gathered at the 16th annual International Symposium of Pediatric Neuro-Oncology (ISPNO) meeting in 2014 to share developments in the pediatric brain cancer research arena. With a dedicated Low Grade Glioma Workshop and Symposium, presentations were delivered on the following topics:

Videos for each of the three presentations are available by clicking on the respective titles above.

In addition, the the program included LGG lectures as follows:

  • A randomized trial of intensification of induction-chemotherapy within an 18 months treatment-strategy on tumor-response at 24 weeks and progression-free-survival in pediatric low grade glioma(LGG) – preliminary results of the SIOP-LGG-2004-working-group
  • Nerve growth factor administration as eye drop improves visual function in children with optic-pathway glioma. A controlled, cross-over clinical trial
  • Clinical and molecular determinants of long-term survival in children with low grade glioma; a population based study
  • Pediatric patients with diffuse astrocytomas have a distinct clinical course to those diagnosed as adults, with excellent very long term survival
  • A multi-institutional Phase II study of vinorelbine in children with recurrent or progressive low-grade gliomas

Unfortunately, videos are not available for these presentations.