TFFK_7There is no way to prepare for the unfathomable news that your child has a brain tumor.

But, prepared or not, too many parents receive the same news we did more than six years ago. Today, after a harrowing few years of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, our son is healthy and shines his bright light on our family every day. This ‘journey’ helped us realize two very important things: 1) despite our hardship, we recognize that many other children are just starting this journey and may not be as fortunate, and 2) we MUST pay it forward and help fund science that will ensure that all children have the chance for a healthy and happy childhood.

TFFK_2Towards that end, in 2011, we launched the first annual Think Fit For Kids Family Fitness and Fun Festival to benefit A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation. After 4 years, we have raised nearly $1M. Our efforts have paid off and the funds raised have been allocated towards an extremely promising research project at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, which we hope will help identify the genomic make up of a number of different brain tumor types.

After we raised $150,000 in our first year, many asked us how we were able to secure such generous donations from the community for an inaugural event. My answer: “I just asked!” It is so overwhelmingly gratifying to witness an entire community come together at Think Fit For Kids each year to raise funds and awareness for this “orphan disease.” It is always an inspiring day of fun and hope for the nearly 400 participants and volunteers who attend.TFFK_4

We did not start out on this journey voluntarily. But, we are volunteering to help find a cure for this pernicious disease. We hope that other affected families find hope and inspiration in our model and encourage everyone to take action so that all children can fight for their dreams, not for their lives.

Kim and Jeff

For more information about Think Fit For Kids, please check out our website,, courtesy of A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation. Or to see other ideas for how YOU can get involved click here.

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