This detailed study, conducted by Dr. Denise Sheer from Queen Mary/University of London and others, focuses on DNA methylation and gene expression to improve our understanding of the biology of pilocytic and diffuse astrocytomas.  Pilocytic Astrocytomas were found to have a distinctive signature at 315 CpG sites, of which 312 were hypomethylated and 3 were hypermethylated.  Genomic analysis revealed that 182 of these sites are within annotated enhancers.  The signature was not present in diffuse astrocytomas, or in published profiles of other brain tumors and normal brain tissue.  These findings highlight novel genetic and epigenetic differences between pilocytic and diffuse astrocytoma, in addition to well described alterations involving BRAF, NYB and FGR1. This study was funded in part by A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation. The complete manuscript of this study can be found here.