Thanks to Kathy Oliver, Executive Director of the International Brain Tumour Alliance in the UK, pediatric brain tumors are represented in the May 2016 IBTA Magazine publication. This biannual publication is a labor of love for Kathy as she seeks to raise awareness about brain tumors across the globe. Kathy welcomes articles from all parts of the world regarding a wide array of issues confronting patients battling brain tumors. Patient stories are a favorite of Kathy’s as they help illuminate the challenges faced by that patients of all ages. 
In the May 2016 edition of IBTA Magazine, the work of A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure (aka The PLGA Foundation) is highlighted as the leading funding agency for pediatric low grade astrocytoma research in the world. Read more here. In addition, 15 year old Caroline’s mother, Sarah, shares the story of her daughter’s battle with PLGA and how the scientific research funded by AKBTC is making a difference in her daughter’s fight as new clinical trials are made available. To submit your story, please email Kathy directly at [email protected]