With the support of the PLGA fund-raising community, DFCI researchers had an explosive year in 2016 with discoveries in pediatric brain cancer research which impact a wide array of brain tumor types, in addition to PLGA. This progress is most clearly seen in the quantity of publications in some of the most highly credible magazines from around the country. Highlights include:

BRAF Status in Personalizing Treatment Approaches for Pediatric Gliomas – AACR: Clinical Cancer Research, November 2016

Characterizing genomic alterations in cancer by complementary functional associations – Nature Biotechnology, May 2016

Exploiting molecular biology for diagnosis and targeted management of pediatric low-grade gliomas – Future Oncology, April 2016

Disseminated glioneuronal tumors occurring in childhood: treatment outcomes and BRAF alterations including V600E mutation – Journal of Neurooncology, March 2016

A Brain Tumor/Organotypic Slice Co-culture System for Studying Tumor Microenvironment and Targeted Drug Therapies – Journal of Visualized Experiments, November 2015

Clinical targeted exome-based sequencing in combination with genome-wide copy number profiling: precision medicine analysis of 203 pediatric brain tumors-Neuro-Oncology Magazine, January 19, 2017.

There is no doubt that with the continued funding for dedicated researchers, like these, that rapid advancements in the field will result in more effective treatments for children battling all forms of brain tumors. Congratulations to these researchers who are making a difference!