Immunotherapy, including vaccines, is a promising area of research in cancer and as such was the subject of a pilot trial for a vaccine therapy funded by AKBTC. Dr. Ian Pollack from Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and his colleagues had previously identified a panel of glioma-associated antigens over expressed in low-grade gliomas. Thus, the team initiated a pilot trial of vaccinations with peptides for GAA epitopes in a subset of children with recurrent LGG that had progressed after at least 2 prior regimens. While the Phase I study was limited to 14 patients, the results were encouraging and Phase II trial is underway. The goal of the study was to evaluate safety and tolerability, but some preliminary efficacy data was collected and is encouraging. Three of 12 children showed sustained partial responses and overall only 1 out of 14 children had to leave the study due to toxicity. We hope the team in Pittsburgh continues to pursue this exciting therapy and with increased funding we can continue to support their efforts.

Read the entire study here.