The PLGA Foundation sponsored fifteen families with children who have been diagnosed with low grade brain tumors to attend a week at Camp Sunshine for the first annual Low Grade Glioma Brain Tumor week (July 17th – 22nd). This pilot program was the first of its kind in the nation to focus solely on low grade brain tumors in children. Thirty-four families from fourteen states were able to attend this session.

While the PLGA Foundation is committed to uniting the medical community to jump-start childhood slow growing brain tumor research, we are equally committed to uniting families with loved ones suffering from brain tumors. At Camp Sunshine, the synergy between science, support and advocacy created a stimulating environment for the families. Our hope is that this network will help PLGA families find comfort and support not just during the one week of camp, but throughout the year as well. In addition, we hope that these families will help us raise awareness of and funds for NEW clinical trials and scientific research so we can find new treatments and a cure for children battling low grade glioma brain tumors.