A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation (a/k/a PLGA Foundation), founded in 2007 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is dedicated to finding more effective, less toxic and less punishing treatments for eradicating low grade glioma brain cancer in children. ¬†Our goal is to accelerate the pace of promising scientific pediatric brain tumor research through:

  • Raising funds to support state of the art scientific research
  • Raising awareness with scientists, doctors, lay people and pharmaceutical companies about the lack of existing effective treatments and a cure

We welcome support from both the families that are impacted by this disease as well as the greater public. It is simply unacceptable that children diagnosed with this pernicious disease are suffering due to the lack of advancements in scientific understanding of pediatric brain tumors. Recent developments in the scientific arena and agreement among scientists around the world confirm that more effective treatments are on the horizon for all children battling brain tumors provided that funding is available. AKBTC is accelerating its efforts to raise funds and awareness so that all children can fight for their dreams not for their lives.