It is not uncommon for parietal, temporal, or in some cases cerebellar low grade gliomas to cause seizures. While this is obviously an area of concern for parents of children battling brain tumors, the complete investigation and treatment of seizures is beyond the scope for this website. Our hope, however, is to connect the pediatric brain tumor community with some helpful resources that can elaborate on the topic of seizures in brain tumor patients. provides extensive information on diagnostic testing, medications and living with seizures, including advice on subjects ranging from emergency preparedness to choosing summer camps.

The Epilepsy Foundation provides an excellent ‘primer’ regarding different types of treatment, medication and research as well as tips for living with seizures.

The Kids Epilepsy site is intended to support parents and other caregivers of children with epilepsy. The main portion of this site consists of stories of individual children. The information in each of these stories is contributed by the parents (or other caregivers) of these children. Each story includes an email address of these parents, so that visitors can get in touch with those parents. There are almost 2000 stories and they can be sorted by diagnosis and treatment.

There is also a yahoo childhood epilepsy support group that can be helpful for parents who want to connect with others who have similar experiences.

Pub Med is also a productive research tool to search for current medical literature on the subject.

Finally, there are pediatric neurosurgeons that specialize in surgery related to seizures, including those that are tumor related. Many neurologists treat patients with seizures, however if the seizures are difficult to control it may be advantageous to seek out an Epileptologist, a neurologist specializing in seizures.