If you have found A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure, no doubt you have just entered into a world where you never wanted to belong. We understand. We’ve been there, too.  And you are not alone. A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure is here to help you find the facts, resources, and support you need to help your child win the battle against their brain tumor.

With so much new information and so many decisions to be made in such short order, it is no wonder parents and families feel overwhelmed and confused by the initial stages of the diagnosis.

No one can truly feel at home in a new place until good friends surround him or her. Our best friends are those we have much in common with. As we all know, even the most common forms of children’s brain tumors are considered a rare or “orphan” disease and it is understandable that at times we all feel isolated.

One of the most important functions of A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation is to facilitate families getting to know each other. It is important that our parent members have friends that they can talk to about the stresses of surgery, complications, neurological deficits, treatment options, financial concerns, etc. We need friends who don’t flinch when we use the words that are necessary when we discuss our child’s diagnosis and medical challenges. So, we also encourage you to join our community by signing up for one of the online support groups, joining our mailing list, or contacting us.

You and I, along with the other members of A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation, never envisioned that we would be on this journey, but here we are. We welcome you to our network of education, information, support and advocacy and are glad to be your guides as you learn to navigate in this new place. You are not alone. Together we can fight kids’ brain tumors and find ways to help each other, and ultimately find ways to help our children.


Understanding Pediatric Low Grade Glioma 101

Dr. Peter Manley, from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, in cooperation with American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) conducted a webinar in July 2014 which provides families with a comprehensive overview of the disease, treatment options and potential outcomes.  This is a “must see’ for families with newly diagnosed children.  Click the image below to view the webinar in full: