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President Obama meets with Pediatric Brain Cancer Survivor, Jack Hoffman

May 9th, 2013|

In another ‘first’, on April 30th, pediatric brain tumor survivor, Jack Hoffman was invited to a meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office! Yes….one of OUR kids….is helping […]

National Pediatric Brain Cancer Awareness Day, September 26th, 2013

May 9th, 2013|

U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) speaks on the Senate floor to introduce a bipartisan resolution designating September 26th, 2013, as "National Pediatric Brain Cancer Awareness Day.

Dana Farber Cancer Institute Publishes on PLGA

May 9th, 2013|

On April 29th, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute's, Keith Ligon ( of our funded researchers), published a paper in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, one of the most prestigious scientific publications, which was based on work FUNDED by our donors! This is PROGRESS! Your generosity is making a difference! Please read more about the article, entitled "Scientists Find Mutation Driving Pediatric Brain Tumors"  Read More...