As the parent, relative or friend of a child battling a brain tumor, we share a critically important vision to find more effective, less toxic treatments and a cure.  There is no alternative.  It will require tens of millions of dollars to achieve such a monumental goal.  Raising funds for childhood cancer philanthropies like AKBTC will directly impact researchers’ abilities to discover new therapies. Take a look at some of the best ways you can help children battling brain cancer fight for their dreams, not for their lives. Join us today!

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Make purchases with Giving Assistant!

With Giving Assistant, your purchases at 1800+ popular online retailers have the power to support our mission by helping us go further, and do more. It’s free! When you earn cash back using their platform, you can also choose to donate a percentage of those earnings to A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure (aka Pediatric Low Grade Astrocytoma Foundation Inc.). It’s like changing the world with every purchase. Make your first donation using Giving Assistant today, and get first dibs on deals like Target Promo Codes, in addition to cash back donations at places like Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy’s! » Learn more

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Donate your Vehicle for Charity

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Shop with Amazon

When you shop Amazon through our Amazon Smile link, a portion of your purchase amount will be donated to AKBTC. » Learn more.

Raising such a fortune may feel like an insurmountable task, but the potential impact that each family can have on the research ‘playing field’ is significant if you consider the following:
  • Securing research funding is a two-step process. In order for researchers to fully develop cutting edge therapies, they need to gain access to government grants worth tens of millions of dollars. Researchers can NOT apply for such funds until they prove that their projects show definitive clinical promise.  In a ‘catch 22’ dilemma, researchers with novel scientific ideas can’t explore these concepts without funding, yet they can’t get government funding until they have explored the ideas.   Consequently, in order to transform brilliant ideas into promising research projects, it is imperative that researchers have access to funding generated by non-government entities.
  • Public philanthropies, like A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure, significantly impact this process by providing the initial ‘seed-funding’ or financial support that researchers require to prove conceptual integrity and efficacy of their projects. By funding the significantly lower costs of creating blueprints for potential cures, public philanthropies ensure that committed researchers will have the opportunity to, in turn, access much larger government funds to bring the projects to fruition.
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Revised 6/7/2016