Many parents ask the same questions regarding pediatric brain tumors and their causes. Unfortunately, modern science has not yet ‘cracked the code’ on this issue. However, there is a considerable amount of medical research being conducted today which addresses this issue. While the research in most instances does not focus specifically on pediatric brain tumors, there is hope that the results of the studies will benefit the children as well.

Brain Tumor Epidemiology Consortium (BTEC), sponsored by the NCI, is an open scientific forum organized to foster the development of multi center, international and inter-disciplinary collaborations that will lead to a better understanding of the etiology, outcomes and prevention of brain tumors. Another BTEC mission is to mentor junior investigators or investigators who are new to brain tumor epidemiologic research.

Leading epidemiologist, Dr. Patricia Buffler talks about current thoughts on questions related to the following questions: “Is the number of brain tumors in children increasing? Are some brain tumors inherited? Can exposure to certain things in the environment be to blame? What are these environmental risk factors, and what has been proven through scientific studies? in an internet conference (2006), as the epidemiological studies relate to pediatric brain tumors.

Dr. Gina Solomon writes about Brain and Central Nervous System Tumors.

Search PubMed for more current and thought provoking information about pediatric brain tumor epidemiology.