Brain Tumor Research Grants

A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure, a national non-profit organization, was founded in 2007 by a group of dedicated parents, physicians and friends to improve the treatment, quality of life, and long-term outlook for children with brain tumors through research, support, education, and advocacy.

The number one priority of A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation is to act as a catalyst for researchers world-wide to turn their attention to the area of pediatric low grade glioma brain tumor research and to award research grants for the most promising programs and studies. Our hope is that this research will lead to a better understanding of the causes of PLGA as well as the discovery of more effective treatments and a cure for the most common forms of children’s brain tumors.

Proposals related to basic and translational* projects that can advance understanding of the underlying biology of the development and treatment of PLGA tumors will be considered. Investigators in the early years of their careers are encouraged to apply. Find out more here.

Award Description**

  • Award funding is based on size, impact and complexity of project.
  • Funding can be awarded over one, two or three year peiod.
  • Previous PLGA Foundation grant recipients are eligible to apply.

Timing and Criteria

The grant cycle is an on-going process throughout the year. Investigators from all over the world are invited to submit a ‘Letter of Intent’ at any time throughout the year to A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure. This ‘Letter of Intent’ should contain a brief synopsis, parameters, high-level budget and potential outcomes of the proposed study. This document will be reviewed by the PLGA Scientific Advisory Board and based on this feedback, a selected group of applicants will then be invited to submit a full proposal.

Each proposal is reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Board. Only proposals with the with the highest scores demonstrating the most potential to have a significant impact on the future of children with pediatric low grade astrocytoma tumors will be awarded.

The guidelines, forms and requirements for the grant proposal will be provided when pre-applicants are notified of A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure solicitation.

A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure also collaborates with other organizations in the childhood cancer arena.


  • Grant recipients are required to submit progress reports to the Foundation on an interim basis.
  • Grantees must acknowledge the Foundation’s support in all publications about the research.
  • No grants will be made to private individuals.
  • All grants are awarded with the understanding of 0% overhead.
  • PLGA grant awards do not cover debt reduction, capital improvements, or travel expenses.
  • Grant recipients must be willing to collaborate with other PLGA Foundation grant reciepients when appropriate.

Please email us at [email protected] or call 629-888-9991 with any questions or for further information.

*NIH definition of translational research: the process of applying ideas, insights, and discoveries generated through basic scientific inquiry to the treatment or prevention of human disease.

**A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation (aka The PLGA Foundation) takes no financial interest in the outcome of the research.