The PLGA Foundation helped fund a cutting edge study, conducted by Dr. KK Wong PhD, Associate Professor at MD Anderson Cancer Center. This study will (1) analyze the gene expression profiles in 40-60 cases of subtotally resected JPAs located at the midline region to test whether midline located JPA also forms two subgroups with one group more aggressive, and (2) identify prognostic markers that can predict the likelihood of progression in subtotally resected JPAs using statistical methods. The completion of this study will not only identify potential markers for stratifying patients in future clinical trials to assess the role of adjuvant therapy on JPA patients with subtotal resection, but also provide insight into the pathogenetics of this devastating disease.

Dr. Wong submitted his study to the NIH and was granted funding, however the funding was not sufficient to cover the entire sample size. This would have required Dr. Wong to decrease his sample size, thus jeopardizing the significance of the results. The incremental funding necessary to keep the study intact was funded by funds raised by families for the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation, who conducted a special peer review toconfirm the viability of the study.

The PLGA Foundation recognizes the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation for their support of this program.