2007 Archived Articles and Videos

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Pediatric Low Grade Astrocytoma (PLGA) Press
How to save your own child (pdf) Frustrated by a lack of treatment options for kids, parents are funding research. Online Article. Elizabeth Cohen CNN.com/Health 12/27/07
Special Gift for Girl Comes From Unlikely Place (pdf) Cheryl Sherry Appleton Post Cresent 12/25/07
Shopping to Fight Childhood Cancer (link to video) WFRV TV 10/24/07
Two Year Old Appleton, WI girl wages battle for her life (pdf) Cheryl Sherry Appleton Post Cresent 10/21/07
Funding for sick kids (link to video)
Elizabeth Cohen finds some parents who turn to do-it-yourself funding to treat their children’s rare disease.
Elizabeth Cohen CNN 09/04/07
Ensuring Money You’ve Raised Goes to Help Your Sick Child (pdf)
Amy Marcus, focuses on the struggles of one family who faced and are conquering the challenges of ensuring that their fundraising efforts were going to be used for targeted research that would shed light on the disease that afflicted their child, JPA.
Amy Dockser Marcus The Wall Street Journal 01/30/07
Other Brain Tumor Related Press
National Institutes of Health, Office of Rare Diseases, How to handle Orphan Diseases (pdf)
The Director of NIH, ORD talks with a WSJ reporter about the challenges of testing drugs and treatments for orphan diseases, illnesses that affect only a tiny proportion of people.
Amy Dockser Marcus The Wall Street Journal 01/29/07