Whenever a child is diagnosed with a pediatric low grade astrocytoma (PLGA), our community grows. While the PLGA Foundation is committed to uniting the medical community to jump start childhood brain tumor research, we are equally committed to uniting families with loved ones suffering from children with brain tumors. Together we can share information and act as a support network.

We welcome YOUR membership to this growing group. There is NO fee to join. Just being a PLGA family, relative, or friend secures your place in our community. We depend on our members to unite and support one another through the sharing of information, resources, and ideas. Depending on your life style, chose one or more than one way to connect with us and the greater PLGA community:

For those families who are interested in being more active, please consider:

  • Joining our core group of ‘parent activists’ and help with advocacy initiatives
  • Creating a PLGA fundraising team for your child
  • Creating a website for your child and link it to the PLGA Foundation website (or if you have an existing site, link it as well!)

Whatever involvement is right for your lifestyle, remember that:

  1. Through our collective sharing we will find strength and comfort.
  2. No family should have to navigate the choppy waters associated with the diagnoses, treatments and complications from a child’s brain tumor (PLGA), alone.
  3. We’re sorry you have to be here, but welcome you as part of our PLGA community.