Thanks in large part to the PLGA community, Rex Burkhead was voted to be the 2012 Uplifting Athlete of the Year. Based on a voting system that allowed one vote per computer, Rex beat out 3 other contenders to earn this honor.

PLGA families who voted and helped spread the word about this important issue have clearly made a difference by raising their ‘collective’ voices.

In September, 2011, Rex Burkhead, a college football player, was
introduced to a big fan6 year old Jack Hoffman, who was battling a PLGA brain tumor. The two hit it off and what started as a simple introduction swelled into a more substantial relationship between these two young men. Rex kept in communication with Jack as he underwent brain surgery in November 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts to remove part of his tumor. JackÅ’s parents credit Rexs encouragement and contact with Jack as a key ingredient in helping Jack recover so quickly from this life threatening procedure. Today, Jack is attending kindergarten and thriving in school.

Rex is not only a successful college athlete and student, but also an inspiration to PLGA children around the world. The increased awareness that this award will garner for PLGA brain tumors in Washington, DC is invaluable.

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