With continued education and research funds, we can begin to imagine targeted therapies that arrest the development and potentially cure patients suffering with JPA and/or other low grade gliomas.

Imagine the joy of a cure for the millions of families worldwide who, over the years, are enduring the devastating effects of a brain tumor that despite aggressive treatments and/or surgery, does not seem to go away, but grows larger and becomes potentially life threatening at any time.

Imagine the relief of not living with a shadow over their childrens lives.

Imagine the thrill of thephysicians being able to say, “We can cure this!”

Imagine the savings over the years to the parents, health care, education, and social support system, avoiding all of the costs associated with physical, emotional and intellectual impairments for children so young.

And imagine the joy of a child who just wants to be normal, just like her siblings, and just like everyone else.

For now, however, we can only hope…

Your generosity can bring us one giant step closer to a 100% cure for children battling all forms of pediatric brain tumors.