The PLGA foundation is the LARGEST organization dedicated exclusively to providing realistic hope to parents and families of children with PLGA/JPA. To date, the PLGA Foundation has raised over $5.5 million for DEDICATED PLGA/JPA research and funded over $3.8 million of new research targeted specifically at PLGA/JPA. The organization awards 100% of funds to education and research in the search of kinder, gentler treatment options for this potentially devastating childhood brain tumor.Ultimately, this funding will lead to a cure.

“Improvements in child health through research will be made at an increasingly accelerated pace during the post-genomic era. Advances made possible through genomics, proteomics, and the application of nanosystem technology will enhance our ability to prevent, modify, or cure numerous childhood disorders.” New discoveries may ameliorate “the morbid consequences of childhood diseases.” (Dr. Robert Feigin, Prospects for the Future of Child Health Through Research, JAPA, Sept. 2005)

“The most promising effects of gene therapy, other genomic and proteomic techniques, and stem cell transplantation, to date, have been in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Future clinical research efforts will be directed at addressing those clinical situations, for example, brain tumors.” We believe JPA, a non-malignant cancer should be one of them.

Experts also agree that complete and accurate data for JPA (Juvenile Pylocytic Astrocytoma) is needed to improve understanding of the causes of this devastating disease.