Whether you are making a donation through our secure website, check, stock transfer or other mechanism, 100% of the funds go directly to A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation and will be used exclusively to fund the most promising, state-of-the-art research for PLGA so we can accelerate new treatments and find a cure (See current funded research).

All funds are under the supervision of a scientific advisory board, comprised of a national panel of scientific and medical experts. This board will disperse the funds to cutting edge PLGA/JPA researchers worldwide through a vigorous competitive proposal process.

A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation is dedicated to funding education, science, and research for the most common forms of children’s brain tumors. Our goal is to accelerate the pace of children’s brain tumor research by raising funds and heightening public and researcher awareness about the lack of research progress. Researchers are poised to make rapid advances towards finding kinder, gentler treatments and a cure, but the clock is ticking and time is something these forgotten children can not afford.

Funding is the biggest obstacle standing between children battling brain tumors and the treatments that could make a difference in whether they fight for their lives or for their dreams.

Unite to fight for pediatric brain tumor research!

A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Foundation (aka The PLGA Foundation) is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are fully tax deductible according to IRS law.