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Immunotherapy and PLGG

Immunotherapy, including vaccines, is a promising area of research in cancer and as such was the subject of a pilot trial for a vaccine therapy…

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Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Study Informs for Medulloblastoma patients

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers have identified a mechanism that controls the expression of genes regulating the growth of the most…

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Scientist's handshake over collaborative agreement

Pediatric Low Grade Gliomas: Implications of the Biologic Era

International Panel of Pediatric Brain Cancer Experts find Consensus on how to best integrate the growing body of molecular genetic information into…

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Two new trials for pediatric brain cancer open at UTHealth/Children’s Memorial Hermann

Pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. David Sandberg of McGovern Medical School at UTHealth has pioneered administering chemotherapy in the fourth ventricle of…

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Publications GALORE in 2016 for DFCI Researchers

With the support of the PLGA fund-raising community, DFCI researchers had an explosive year in 2016 with discoveries in pediatric brain cancer…

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Key Finding Identifies Most Promising Drug for Targeted Clinical Trial

As reported in Neuro-Oncology Magazine (January 12th, 2017), with leadership from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s Dr. Charles Stiles and up and…

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