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A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure Featured in Current IBTA Magazine

Thanks to Kathy Oliver, Executive Director of the International Brain Tumour Alliance in the UK, pediatric brain tumors are represented in the May…

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Molecular Analysis of Pediatric Brain Tumors Identifies microRNAs in Pilocytic Astrocytomas that Target the MAPK and NF-κB Pathways

In this A Kids' Brain Tumor Cure (PLGA Foundation) funded project, Dr. Denise Sheer and colleagues show that microRNAs that regulate critical…

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DNA Analysis of Paediatric Low-Grade Astrocytomas Identifies Tumour-Specific Signature in Pilocytic Astrycotomas

This detailed study, conducted by Dr. Denise Sheer from Queen Mary/University of London and others, focuses on DNA methylation and gene expression to…

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Genetic Cause Identified in Rare PLGG Brain Tumor

Another success in the pediatric brain tumor research arena, as Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia researchers…

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Pediatric Low-grade Gliomas With CRAF Fusions May Require Differential and Combinatorial Targeted Therapies

Payal Jain, graduate PhD student in Dr. Adam Resnick's lab at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, recently presented an abstract at the…

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Webinar: Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivors – Supporting Their Educational Needs

With the advancement of medical treatments for childhood cancer, survival rates for pediatric cancer patients have increased significantly. As…

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