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Webinar: Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivors – Supporting Their Educational Needs

With the advancement of medical treatments for childhood cancer, survival rates for pediatric cancer patients have increased significantly. As…

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Camp Sunshine 2015: LGG Week Recap

On July 19, 2015, 35 families traveled to beautiful Camp Sunshine in Casco, Maine for a week of fun and fellowship within the LGG brain tumor…

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Give a Big “Amazon Smile” for Kids’ Brain Tumor Research!

It seems like the school year just ended and we were getting the kids ready for camp, packing for summer vacation or just planning some enjoyable…

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Children’s Cancer Is Unprofitable and Ignored

It’s no secret that although there have been significant advances against certain childhood cancers, new drug development lags behind adult…

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PLGA Research Recognized as Current Priority for NIH/NCI

The House Appropriations Committee has once again highlighted the need for PLGA research in its most recent House Appropriations Bill for the 2016…

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Increase in PLGA Related Research Publications Indicates Growing Interest in the Field

Dr. Uri Tabori and his colleagues published two papers targeting the PLGA population.  The first focuses on the long-term impact of radiation…

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