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Scientist's handshake over collaborative agreement

Pediatric Low Grade Gliomas: Implications of the Biologic Era

International Panel of Pediatric Brain Cancer Experts find Consensus on how to best integrate the growing body of molecular genetic information into…

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Two new trials for pediatric brain cancer open at UTHealth/Children’s Memorial Hermann

Pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. David Sandberg of McGovern Medical School at UTHealth has pioneered administering chemotherapy in the fourth ventricle of…

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Publications GALORE in 2016 for DFCI Researchers

With the support of the PLGA fund-raising community, DFCI researchers had an explosive year in 2016 with discoveries in pediatric brain cancer…

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Key Finding Identifies Most Promising Drug for Targeted Clinical Trial

As reported in Neuro-Oncology Magazine (January 12th, 2017), with leadership from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s Dr. Charles Stiles and up and…

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Precision Medicine Impacts Pediatric Brain Cancer Treatment

Precision medicine—in which diagnosis and treatments are keyed to the genetic susceptibilities of individual cancers—has advanced to the point…

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Brain Cancer Now the Leading Childhood Cancer Killer

According to newly released data by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), brain cancer is now the deadliest childhood cancer.…

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