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PLGA Research Recognized as Current Priority for NIH/NCI

The House Appropriations Committee has once again highlighted the need for PLGA research in its most recent House Appropriations Bill for the 2016…

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Gray Matters

Go Gray in May for Brain Tumor Awareness Month

Brain Tumor Awareness Month begins on May 1.  We have lots of great opportunities for you to connect, share and get involved.  Every dollar we…

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Registration Now Open for Camp Sunshine 2015!

Applications are now being accepted for the Low Grade Glioma week at Camp Sunshine,  Sunday, July 19th - 24th, in Casco, Maine.  Whether you are a…

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Increase in PLGA Related Research Publications Indicates Growing Interest in the Field

Dr. Uri Tabori and his colleagues published two papers targeting the PLGA population.  The first focuses on the long-term impact of radiation…

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AKBTC Applauds Rep. Chuck Fleischmann for Efforts to Focus NIH Research on PLGA Brain Cancer

Great News! A Kids’ Brain Tumor Cure (PLGA Foundation) Applauds Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN) for Efforts to Focus NIH Research on PLGA…

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Malignant Transformation of Low-Grade Gliomas in Children

According to the article published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology on February 5, 2015, BRAF mutation and CDKN2A deletion define a clinically…

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